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A Documentary by Ken Howie

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A few years ago, documentary filmmaker and Director of Photography Ken Howie (Special Cowboy Moments, Hardship to Freedom) was introduced to the family of a rancher who in the 1930’s foresaw an end to the availability of wild horses as bucking stock. This man, Chandler “Feek” Tooke, envisioned the viability of a program for breeding horses with a strong propensity to buck.  Amid skepticism, Feek pursued his vision, realized success and forever changed the future of rodeo.


Recognizing the significance of Feek’s story, Ken was compelled to create a film that could be enjoyed by generations of rodeo fans and horse lovers, as well as students of genetics. Today, it is with profound pleasure that we find ourselves deep in production of Feek’s Vision - A Documentary by Ken Howie - illustrating the history behind the award-winning Tooke Bucking Horses, their profound impact on the sport of rodeo, and the unparalleled enduring desire to buck found in this highly-respected bloodline.


Champions Larry Mahan, Deb Copenhaver, Clint Johnson, Dan Mortenson, Brad Gjermundson and Ty Murray are among an extensive list of some of the most important names in rodeo, all of whom agree with Ken about the importance of recognizing Feek Tooke for his contributions to the sport through the introduction and supply of outstanding equine rough stock.  These rodeo legends have supported Ken’s efforts, sharing stories and historical details, as well as memories of their matches against Tooke bred bucking horses in the rodeo arena.  Legendary Stock Contractors Harry Vold, Cotton Rosser and Mel Potter (Rodeo, Inc.) have contributed stories of Feek and the Tooke horses of yesteryear, while Matt Burch (Burch Rodeo), Sparky Dreesen (J Bar J) and Powder River Rodeo’s Franzen family bear testament to success with their own Tooke bred horses, many still winning titles today. 


Feek passed away at the 1968 National Finals Rodeo upon exiting the Jim Norick arena, having just received an award for one of his outstanding Tooke Bucking Horses.



As of November 2022, Feek's Vision is still in production.  Release has been moved to 2023.  CLICK HERE for more information.

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